Modpods & The Electric West at The Satelite 1-11-19

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The Electric West 


IndieCade 2018


I had a really good time at Indiecade this year, held at the new Santa Monica College Center for Media and Design. There was a lot of interactive media than your traditional button layout video games. The Klaxo Radio Hour is a narrative choose your own adventure, a lost episode of the radio drama “Kat Keene: Investigator.” While listening to clues and solving the case you notice the radio station is acting weird. Surprise, Klaxo Radio is possed.  It’s up to your choices Iby changing the dial on the radio) to solve the ending of Kat Keene and brake the cruse. Not only I thought using a radio dial to pick your choice was innovative and different from clicking items and dialogue in an adventure game. I was really in deep of which suspect kidnapped the disappearing victim.

I went to check out Desert Child since I play it at E3 this year to check out newer levels. I was playing on the PlayStation 4 build. There were improvements on side boosting and charing your gun weapons. After a few races, the main character moves to Mars to make a name in the race scene. Explore more of the city, earn more upgrades, and host race challenges. Very pumped for Desert Child heading to console and PC December 11th. Drawkanoid takes a different spin on the brick-breaking genre. Using the mouse or touchpad to draw a line for the ball to hit in bullet time. The is featured in Humble Bundle Trove collection (DRM free) as part of their monthly substitution.  The full version will be available on Steam soon.  The Last Friend is a tower defense with a beat em’ up twist. In this post-apocalyptic world, Mutants are eating anything including dogs! It’s up to you to build weapons and gear from your mobile home and fought off the mutants.

The other games I tried was Losswords: a puzzle match game with popular books, VR retro/Game Boy-inspired Pixel Ripped 1989, and the wacky Accounting + from Rick and Morty Justin Roiland and developers of The Stanley Parable. The last game I tired was Asta Grande. A group game where people participate in an auction of luxurious items and bid to win. The catch is you have to pay attention to the objective item you have to bid and keep in track of your funds. If you go over your spending cannot bid for the rest of the game. I won a brack knuckle owned by Mahatma Gandhi.


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